Feedback provided by clients:


“Best massage! I felt relaxed 24 hours later! Total professional, nice environment, knew exactly what to do to relieve my back pain, fantastic value! I will continue to use Matt and recommend him to others” August 5, 2011


 “Matt is an excellent massage therapist; he sets the mood as soon as you walk through the door, and you're completely relaxed. Unlike other massages I've had, he was able to get my tough spots, and I walked out of the massage feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Absolutely stellar!” February 20, 2012


 “Matt is the ultimate professional who is attentive, knowledgeable and provides superlative service. I've had what I considered to be "good" massages in the past. After having a session with Matt, I now understand the difference between good and excellent! I would highly recommend his services!!!” February 10, 2012


 “I highly recommend Matt if you are in need of a Massage Therapist. He is extremely professional, personable and is an outstanding Therapist.” January 26, 2012


 “I would highly recommend Matt Winings to anyone. He is so warm and easy-going and his massages are so rejuvenating. I was thrilled with his work and would be comfortable sending my friends and family to him.” January 24, 2012


 “Matt is an excellent massage therapist. He is on time, prices are affordable, he is educated, and offers suggestions. I highly recommend him” January 23, 2012


 “Matt is very professional. Excellent Therapist! He relieved the muscle tension and pain from my recent trips to the gym, which helped clear the lactic acid build up which reduces stiffness in muscles and joints. He knew just the right pressure and technique. I felt like a new person, was ready to hit the gym once again!” August 8, 2011