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Tips for breathing during your massage

The next time you come in for a massage in Indianapolis Indiana, try these suggestions to achieve mindful breathing and enhance the benefits of your session:

- As you settle onto the table, feel the weight of your body on the table and begin to notice your breath.

- Feel your breath moving of its own accord. Where is it most noticeable? Bring into the spaces that feel less full (without effort--just invite).

- When I start working, notice the pressure and rhythm. When I let  up on the pressure, breathe in. When I apply pressure, breathe out.

- If I come to a tender area, pay special attention to your breath. Work with the tenderness on the exhale, imagining that you're breathing out the pain.

- As I work on different areas, imagine your breath moving there to meet me. Send your breath wherever I am working. Let me work on the outside, you work on the inside.

- Notice the changes as the massage progresses. Notice your thought patterns. Notice your comfort level. Notice your stress (and how it melts) as you send breath to the various areas of your body.

- When your session is complete and you sit up, notice how your breath feels. What do you notice about your body, the room, the light?

Why not use the life-giving force of breath to make your next massage an even more beneficial experience. Just breathe. 

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