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How to Introduce a Friend to Massage in Indianapolis Indiana

Sharing the Benefits of Massage
When we experience something good, it's natural to want to tell everyone about it. Massage is no exception. Here are some ways to share your enthusiasm for massage therapy.

Gifting Massage
 Gift certificates for massage therapy in Indianapolis are a great way to share massages with the people in your life. Looking for the perfect birthday present? Purchase an hour gift certificate for them with your favorite Indianapolis massage therapist. Thanking someone for pet sitting? Reward them with a massage. If it's your spouse or significant other that you're hoping to get interested in this healing therapy,maybe a massage could be an anniversary gift. 

Giving someone a gift certificate allows the recipient to experience massage without financially committing to something that they might not be sure about. After the initial visit, it is up to them to evaluate whether the experience makes them want to pay for another one.

Outline the Benefits
 Most people are aware that massage is effective at relieving stress and promoting relaxation, but there are myriad benefits you can highlight depending on your audience. For those who suffer from low-back pain, a study by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle has shown that massage is more effective than medication at reducing pain. 

In addition to helping people reduce pain or cope with physical injuries, the supportive touch of a massage therapist can be a powerful positive encounter during times of emotional distress. If someone in your life is dealing with grief or loss, you might recommend massage as a way for them to relax and be tended to without having to actively share their feelings, a welcome relief for many people.

Here are just some of the positives that massage can provide. You can tailor your "pitch" to your audience by focusing on those specific to their situation:

--Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.
--Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow--the body's natural defense system.
--Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.
--Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.
--Improve the condition of the body's largest organ--the skin.
--Increase joint flexibility.
--Lessen depression and anxiety.
--Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.
--Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.
--Reduce postsurgery adhesions and swelling.
--Reduce spasms and cramping.
--Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
--Release endorphins--amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller.
--Relieve migraine pain.

Take Baby Steps
Consider inviting your "recruit" to meet your massage therapist before your next session. For those seeking a massage in Indianapolis, I would be happy to give a potential client a brief tour and talk with them about the process of receiving a massage. For many people, being able to put a face to the person who is going to be touching them will calm some of their fears of the unknown.

For those who need more specific information about massage, you can direct them to, a public education site provided by Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). On the site they will find an introduction to massage and its benefits, information on what to expect from a session, and a glossary of terms and techniques to help them understand massage lingo. There is also an archive of articles from Massage & Bodywork magazine to help the potential client answer any questions they might have before taking the plunge.

Be a Billboard
 Friends and family are more likely to follow your lead if you show them that you enjoy, and benefit from, receiving massage. If you have a regular routine and are feeling good, when you recommend bodywork to others it will be more influential. Whether it's increased range of motion, a sunnier disposition, or an improvement in posture, what you've gotten out of massage will be the best advertisement you can show them.

If, after all of your encouragement, they are still reluctant, you need to respect their feelings. Not everyone is ready for the hands-on experience of massage therapy, and some may even have some serious personal issues about touch. If you allow them to come to massage and bodywork on their own terms, they are more likely to be open to the safe, comforting, professional touch that the massage therapist provides.




When searching for the perfect fit for my massage therapy practice in Indianapolis Indiana I was thrilled to find a historic building bursting with creativity from more than 70 artists.  I am happy to call the Stutz Business Center my home.  As a massage therapist in Indianapolis, I have always "walked to the beat of a different drummer" and a typical office space or strip mall was not going to cut it for me.  

One of the most exciting times of the year for the Stutz is the annual open house.  It is coming up soon. Here is a link to all of the details regarding the open house:


Hot Stone Massage Indianapolis Indiana

On the Rocks

Stone Massage Provides Tension Relief and Grounding

It's a practice as old as time, hot stone massage, is the updated version of a technique employed by Native Americans, using gently warmed rocks to massage the body. The technique provides a deeply relaxing, healing, detoxifying, and, some say, spiritual experience.

Typically, the stones are smooth, black rounds of basalt in varying sizes heated in water to temperatures between 125 and 140 degrees. Warm stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph and provide soothing heat for deep-tissue work.

During treatment hot stones are used almost as an extension of the therapist’s hands to help go deeper into resistant muscle tissue. This requires less effort from the therapist’s own body and delivers healing warmth to the hands, benefitting the therapist, as well as the client.

In addition to the physical effects, hot stone massage is also considered a kind of energy work by some, calming and energizing the body but with an extra element thrown into the mix to make it more than just a sensory delight. The theory is that incorporating something from nature -- the stones -- adds a symbolic dimension to this therapy, creating a primal connection to the elements for a grounding experience.


Your Massage Session - Massage Indianapolis

Your Massage Session
Dialing in the Details for a Great Experience
These basic guidelines will help you get the most out of your massage, create a healthy client-therapist relationship, and address some of those unknowns.

It's All About Timing Be good to yourself, and show up a few minutes early for your session. This allows you to transition into calm, healing space and focus on the massage. It also ensures you'll receive your full time allotment for the massage. New massage clients will also need to fill out health history intake forms.

Honor Your Body Some people have a hard time even considering massage because they are unhappy with their body. Poor body image can be extremely damaging. While it's hard to imagine that lying on a massage table will make the situation any better, massage therapy can do wonders to bring an individual back into body awareness. Massage can help mend the body-mind chasm that is created through self-hate, bringing the two pieces back together in a peaceful, healthy union.

Not only am I trained in knowledge of the body’s tissues and structure, I also have a great appreciation for the human body as a whole, no matter its shape or size.

Communicate One thing that will make your massage both more enjoyable and more beneficial is communicating with me. If the room is too warm, if the bolster under your legs isn't in the right spot, if the music is too loud--whatever the issue--let me know right away so you can get back to the business of enjoying your massage.

Skip Alcohol for Water The last thing you want is to be "tipsy" on the massage table. There are several downsides to being under the influence during a massage, the most important being how alcohol wreaks havoc with the body and can have a negative interaction when combined with a massage. The result can be dizziness and nausea. That's no fun and a waste of good massage time and money. Leave the alcohol for another time. Water, before and after a therapeutic massage, is what the body really wants.

You're Human The body can have a lot of responses to therapeutic massage. While avoiding food at least one hour before your massage will help, there's still the chance that you'll have stomach gurgles or even pass gas. It's okay. As the body relaxes and systems get moving, the body can play all kinds of tricks. I can see well beyond those kinds of issues.


Matt Winings - Certified Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy in Indianapolis Indiana,


Some Benefits of Massge - Massage Therapy Indianapolis Indiana

Massage Can..

--Alleviate low-back pain and increase range of motion

--Create body self-awareness

--Improve muscle tone and stimulate their nerve supply

--Improve elasticity of skin and promote skin rejuvenation

--Improve sleep and calm the mind

--Increase endorphin and seratonin production

--Reduce edema, as well as joint inflammation

--Release negative holding patterns from previous injuries

--Stimulate lymph circulation and enhance immunity