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HSA Cards for Massage Therapy - Indianapolis Indiana Massage

HSA Cards

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were created in 2003 so that individuals covered by high-deductible health plans could receive tax-preferred treatment of money saved for medical expenses.
In many cases you may use funds from your HSA to pay for massage therapy. You will need to check with your particular HSA to be sure. You may need a recommendation from your primary health care provider. As a licensed massage therapist, I am authorized to accept HSA cards.

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Massage in Indianapolis Indiana - Take some weight off your shoulders!

Take some weight off your shoulders!

You have an errand to run... you grab your bag, backpack or purse and sling it over a shoulder as you run out of the house. NO! Hanging a bag or purse from a single shoulder puts tension on your neck and shoulder muscles in order to hold the bag in place. A better choice would be to carry the bag in your hand or select a bag with a longer strap that you can put over your head, leaving the strap diagonal across your chest. If you use a backpack, use both straps instead of just one. By wearing your bag close to your body it will minimize the risk of damaging your shoulder and neck muscles.
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Massage Therapy in Indianapolis Indiana - Massage & Depression

Many know that depression can complicate our lives and affect our health. Depression can physically manifest itself in many forms of chronic pain. Massage therapy offers an alternative approach to fighting depression without medication. Significant scientific evidence has shown that massage can manage chronic depression. A study at The Touch Research Institute in Miami Florida found that massage therapy is an effective way to reduce the body's stress hormone, cortisol. They also found that the subjects in their studies reported feeling less anxiety and depression and experienced higher quality sleep for up to five days following a therapeutic massage. If you or someone you know suffers from depression, remember that massage therapy is a natural way to combat the problem.

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Massage Therapy in Indianapolis Indiana - Trigger Points

Picture this: you feel an intense, burning pain in your left shoulder. It improves after some quality sleep, however as your day continues, the pain starts to return. This pain can vary from moderate to severe and at times it seems to radiate and move to other areas of your body.

The scenario above can be common for us all. These aggravating knots in our muscles are known as myofascial trigger points. ("myo" meaning muscle and "fascial" meaning connective tissues) There are two forms of trigger points: active and latent. An active trigger point causes a focused pain in a muscle and usually refers soreness in a distinctive pattern. As an example, trigger points in the trapezius muscles can often be the cause of tension headaches. A latent trigger point is not noticed, until it becomes set off and awakened by an injury or stress.
Trigger points can be a real pain.  They may hinder you from going about your normal routines and are the main source of several musculoskeletal conditions.
Massage therapy is a very effective method to combat trigger points. Many people needlessly suffer in pain for years without knowing that a few massage sessions with trigger point therapy can ease their pain. To make certain that your trigger points do not return it may be necessary to modify your exercise routine and habits.

I offer professional massage therapy in my downtown Indianapolis studio. 

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Massage for Arthritis

 Experts predict that one-third of Americans will get arthritis as they age, yet most sufferers may not think of massage when they start to explore which therapies might ease their pain. While it is doubtful an arthritic joint can “heal” completely with massage, it can feel better. And for an arthritis sufferer, better is a welcome word, particularly when there are no side effects involved. According to the Arthritis Foundation, an increasing number of doctors are recommending massage to their arthritis patients to help relieve the pain and stiffness caused by their disease. Massage can increase circulation around painful joints, bringing healing oxygen and nutrients, including amino acids, to rebuild tissue. Many massage therapists report that their arthritic clients find better and longer-lasting relief from massage than from pharmaceuticals.